Hi, I am Ken, Littleport born and bred, and I am the face of The Tackle Shop Ely. Let me introduce myself…

My passion for fishing started almost as soon as I could walk and talk. Growing up, I didn’t have the expensive rods or other fancy equipment, but that didn’t stop me. All I needed was a piece of bamboo and some fishing line, and I was well away. That’s where it all started for me. My mum knew how much I loved fishing and would take me out, just the two of us. In my world, fishing was never just for boys, and I have kept that mentality with me throughout my whole life. Fishing should be enjoyed by everyone.

Ken behind the counter

Over the years, I have done a bit of this and a bit of that. I have always liked to stay busy, and if I stop, I get bored. Anyone that knows me will laugh at this as they know it is true. I did car boots for many years, and then I sold fruit and veg from a stall in Littleport. But one of my favourite jobs was carving rustic furniture from beautiful pieces of wood. It was amazing creating something that took so much time and commitment. Handing it over to its new home was always a great sense of achievement. Those are fond memories for me.

But my most significant achievement so far has been opening my shop. Back in May 2021, when the doors first opened to the community, I was thrilled to have ticked something else off the bucket list. My passion is to make fishing a family sport again, to give something back to the community by encouraging parents to bring their children. I want to bring everyone together in a shared love for fishing, whatever their gender, age or background. This shop is a step closer to that.

It is exciting to be earning a living doing something that has always been a passion for me since my childhood. Fingers crossed that 2022 and beyond will see the spread of that passion to others. I hope you love my shop and what it stands for.

Ken x