Every angler loves reels. Whether your choice is a fixed spool, baitcaster, multiplier, or centre pin… you just can’t have too many reels (although your partner might disagree!).

Seriously though, if you’ve been fishing for a while, you’ll know how addictive reels are. They’re fascinating and tactile - like little works of art. And as technology improves, reels are one of the items of tackle that have benefited most. When compared with the reels your father and grandfather used, modern reels are lighter, stronger, and in general much better value for money.

At The Tackle Shop, Ely, we have reels for all occasions. Whether you’re stalking that monster Carp, trotting for roach, legering for bream, or casting a fly for a specimen rainbow, we have something to suit your needs and budget. And with well-known names like DAM and Okuma, you know they won’t let you down.

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